In 1990, the Sausalito Rotary Club created Rotary Housing Corporation a California, 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, to take on the difficult task of creating affordable housing for seniors desiring to live in Sausalito.
Shortly after its formation, Rotary Housing acquired a four unit building at 414 Bee Street, and remodeled and expanded the building to a ten unit building re-named Rotary Place. Rotary Place rents space exclusively to low income seniors who have lived or worked in Sausalito for a significant portion of their lives. Every member of the Sausalito Rotary Club contributed in some way to the Rotary Place project, with several members donating hundreds of hours of professional services.
In 2003, Rotary Housing completed its second project, a 22 unit affordable senior housing project on Olima Street in Sausalito named Rotary Villlage. Rotary Housing acquired the property from Sausalito IDESST Portugese organization. A corrugated metal barn on the site that had served as a slaughterhouse years ago was the only building on the otherwise vacant site. The slaughterhouse was restored and is used as a community room for the new complex. Every member of the Sausalito Rotary Club contributed in some way to Rotary Village, with a general contractor, architect, plumber, surveyor, landscaper, arborist, attorneys and other professionals all donating their services to make the project a reality.
Rotary Housing has a policy of maintaining rents at affordable levels so that seniors leasing space at Rotary Place or Rotary Village can be assured of remaining in their new home for the rest of their lives. 100% of the proceeds of our fundraising efforts go toward subsidizing the cost of maintaining the facilities and subsidizing the rent.
We invite you to browse through our donation page with confidence. 
The current board members of Rotary Housing are  Ron Albert, Peter Bjorklund, Bruce Huff, Reza Najafi, Roland Ojeda, Don Olsen, John McCoy, Maureen McCoy, Abe Christensen and Fritz Warren who are all also active members of the Sausalito Rotary Club.
The Sausalito Rotary Club meets every Thursday at 12:10 pm at the Sausalito Yacht Club. The Rotary Housing Board meets on the second Monday of every month at 5:00 p.m. at the Chamarita building at Rotary Village.